Stop Those DI Water System Leaks!

One of my most common calls regarding DI water systems is to report a leak somewhere in the system. While walking through a DI water system, someone looked down and found a puddle. Quick, where is it coming from and what can we do about it?

Prevention is key and there are two small and inexpensive additions for any DI water system that can help in trying to prevent leaks. These are pressure regulating valves and leak detectors, and they should be a part of every DI system for practical reasons as well as peace of mind.

Pressure regulating valves are typically found after feed water sources. They regulate to make sure there is enough water pressure… but not too much! Let’s take the case of multi-floor buildings. As the floors increase, the pressure also increases to reach each higher floor. It isn’t consistent by default, and that inconsistency ought not be a risk worth taking. Is the pressure being increased somewhere in the building for a specific purpose, and could this have implications for other locations feed water is flowing into?

There is a way to try to control for this, and that is to set a pressure regulating valve in place after the water feed source along with a small leak detector on the floor below the DI water system. Starting out with the basics goes a long way toward prevention and early identification of leaks. Periodically check the piping, too. Is it showing signs of age or in need of repair or replacement? Get more peace of mind — and save the puddle jumping for outdoor adventures with the kids.


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